WARA makes improvements to The Nick

The Wolfeboro Area Recreation Association (WARA) recently resurfaced the main parking lot at The Nick thanks to generous donations from Goodhue and Hawkins and The Montrone Family. For the past several years the parking lot at The Nick has consisted of a gravel and rock material that is not ideal for walking or pushing a stroller or wheelchair. In 2011 WARA identified the need for a more conducive surface for the parking area and has since been working hard to raise the funds necessary for this resurfacing project.

The resurfacing began on August 11th and was completed just four days later thanks the hard work of FH Antonucci Inc., and The Nick’s maintenance committee and staff. The new parking surface consists of a pervious recycled asphalt material that is ideal for projects like this where storm water runoff is a consideration. We also hope that this improvement to The Nick will increase accessibility and encourage use of the park by all members of the surrounding communities.

WARA’s goal is to raise an additional $50,000 to resurface the baseball parking lot and the road that connects these two lots lot by fall 2015. Once these funds are raised, we will be able to complete the resurfacing project, helping to create a more user-friendly parking situation at The Nick regardless of the area of the park being used.

For more information about The Nick please contact Holly Williams at holly@thenick.org, visit our website thenick.org or “like us” on facebook.